Competition Results


Looking for the latest Competition result? This is normally avaiable on a Monday- Why?

In the ideal world  Competition Results would be available on the same day as  played. 


Ayr Belleisle GC could do this but historically and for the benefit of all it was felt Competions should be spread over 3 days, Wed, Sat & Sun.


This usually means the results of a Competition will not be known until the scores of all 3 days have been combined and then sorted to take out 'For Handicap only' etc etc. There is no computer software currently available to do this so the offical result is not normally known until Monday at the earliest.


Process Summary


Step 1

Scores from Wed, Sat, & Sun uploaded to How Did I Do

(Note: These scores may include 'For Handicap only')

Step 2

Scores from previous Wed, Sat & Sun combined

Competition Result Posted on Notice Board


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